The Good Thing about COVID19

Photo by Edward Jenner on COVID 19. Aren’t we all tired of that word? I sure am. I don’t like saying it anymore and I hate the sound of it. However, it’s obviously a word that has changed a lot in our lives in a very short time, so it’s a word we can’t … Continue reading The Good Thing about COVID19

This Easter will be Different

So that time of year is coming around again. The chocolate bunnies and bright-colored Easter eggs are filling the shelves at our stores, decorations and posters about Easter cover the walls and windows, as if announcing the approaching holiday. With the COVID19 drama making restrictions on us, a lot of our usual Easter celebrations will … Continue reading This Easter will be Different

Should Christians believe in Climate Change?

Years ago, when I first heard about climate change, I was confused. After giving some thought to the theory that our excessive use of greenhouse gases was causing global warming, resulting in an increase in natural disasters and would eventually destroy the earth I decided it was ridiculous. I firmly believed that God was in … Continue reading Should Christians believe in Climate Change?